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Compostable PLA Straws

Compostable Biodegradable Straws Manufacturer

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Our bioplastic bag is made from a plant-based bioplastic, produced from a rapidly renewable starch. All our bag has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional plastic. All straws are made customized, professional designer could help to design your straws if you need !!!

Item Imageimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png
Item NamePLA Straight StrawsPLA Flexible Straws
PLA Pointed Straws
PLA Spoon Straws
Item Diameter4-7mm4-12mm6-12mm6-12mm
Item Length100-280mm100-280mm100-280mm100-280mm
Item ColorCustomziedCustomziedCustomziedCustomzied

Product Details

Product Name: 100% Compostable Biodegradable PLA Straws

  • SUSTAINABLE AND COMPOSTABLE - Made from all-natural and sustainable resources by Torise Biomaterials, these STRAWS are made from all-natural plant sugars grown in the China.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - No permanent microplastics, better for people and the planet.

  • STRONG PLASTIC FEEL - These straws are  feature a high performance plastic look and feel without petrochemicals.

  • MEETS COMPOSTABLE STANDARDS - These products meet EN13432 and ASTM D6400 compostable plastic standards and are fully compostable within 180 days in commercial composting facilities.

Note: PLA straw can the heat resistance up to 75℃.

PLA Straws Can Be Customized, Please Tell Us Your Needs