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Compostable Biodegradable PLA Cups

Compostable Biodegradable PLA Cups Manufacturer

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Our bioplastic bag is made from a plant-based bioplastic, produced from a rapidly renewable starch. All our bag has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional plastic. All cups are made customized, professional designer could help to design your cups if you need !!!

Product Details

Product Name: 100% Compostable Biodegradable PLA Cups

  1. SUSTAINABLE AND COMPOSTABLE - Made from all-natural and sustainable resources by Torise Biomaterials, these cold beverage clear cups are made from all-natural plant sugars grown in the China.

  2. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - One size fits all cups, both dome and flat lids available. These cups are made from plant-based sugar bio-polymer.

  3. STRONG PLASTIC FEEL - These cups are environmentally friendly and feature a high performance plastic look and feel without petrochemicals.

  4. MEETS COMPOSTABLE STANDARDS - These products meet ASTM D6400 compostable plastic standards and are fully compostable within 90 to 120 days in commercial composting facilities.

  5. FOR COLD BEVERAGES ONLY - These clear cups should be used only for cold beverages. Enjoy cold iced tea, soda, water, and more in these cups. 

  Note:do not pour hot beverages or liquids into this cup.

PLA Cups And Lids Can Be Customized, Please Tell Us Your Needs