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Will a Big Ministry Of Environment Protection Become True?

Recently, the guess of the reform on environmental protection never stopped. The “Big MEP”is attracted all the focus on in this year’s NPC and CPPCC.

For Plastics industry, we are more likely to think of waste plastics processing industry linked to environmental pollution and protection issues. Over the years, waste plastics processing industry is in wandering from the two comments, "green" and "pollution", and finally become an  image that means "environmental pollution" and more and more prominent, especially in the last two years. Accompanied haze, dust, groundwater pollution issues, the government put growing remediation efforts to solve the waste and pollution. In fact, the industry is an environmental protection industry itself, but due to the development of the irrational, disordered causing the industry to pollute more and more problems.

For the environmental pollution caused by the industry, how would NPC and CPPCC do policy on environmental pollution is worth pay attention to.




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