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The Market Share Of Plastic Packaging And The Applying Products Is Growing Fast

In recent years,  the market share of plastic packaging and the applying products is growing fast, such as beverage packaging , frozen food packaging, retort food packaging, fast food packaging. These packagings make life be much more easier, but also greatly promoted the prosperity of plastic packaging film market.

the global packaging film market of 2012 capitalization is about $ 89.2 billion. There’s a saying that in the next five years , the compound annual growth rate will reach 5.8%. During 2013-2018 , the global packaging film consumption CAGR is 4.5%.

Regionally, Asia-Pacific region , with its 35% share , has become the world's largest packaging film market . North America and Europe are 25.3 % and 24.1 % followed. Research and Markets’ researchers analyzed that the next few years, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to continue to dominate the global packaging film market .

PE packaging film resin is the most widely used raw materials on the market. However ,the market analysis data shows that the demand growth of biodegradable film compared to PE film  tis much higher in recent years. Some developed regions of North America and Europe , the demand for specialty film efforts are increasing year by year .

The food packaging is still the largest application market. Meanwhile, the field of pharmaceutical packaging films and consumer goods range of applications are expanding. In recent years, included shower gel , shampoo and other personal care products packaging industry demand is growing fast.




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