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Why switch to compostable bags?

With the rise in global warming and environmental pollution, people are getting alert to saving their mother nature. As you know, plastic bags do not get decomposed easily. It takes nearly 15 to 1000 years to break down. People will come to realise how effective and amazing the compostable products could be. Made from completely natural ingredients taken from nature, you can never go wrong with such bags. Whether at home or for shopping, you can take them anywhere. 

Here are the top  reasons to choosing compostable bags.

1. Production

When it comes to the production of plastics, renewable sources of energy are getting at a loss. A good amount of oil and natural gas goes off which cannot be recycled. On the other hand, if you are opting for using compostable bags, you have a win-win situation on your side. You are not only taking a step towards protecting the environment but also you are focusing on the production of non-renewable sources. 

2. Recycling and Garbage Costs

 Even when you are using a paper bag, the process is a little expensive for the recycling process. While plastics are piled up in the landfills and processed every year. And that is way more expensive. Rather than creating unnecessary wastage, why not switch to compostable  bags.

3.Environmental Impact

When you experience how the world has undergone in the past few years, with all the climatic change and global warming, you too become an active member to contribute. Rather than deforestation, using plastics and harmful chemicals, switching to product that is compostable and biodegradable welcomes a happier tomorrow. 

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Welcoming compostable bags, are something that you will never regret using. 




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